Faux leather coat for greyhound, piccolo and whippet

Our fun coats are designed to protect all pencil faces from the cold thanks to their complete design that covers the neck, chest, belly, back and hindquarters. It closes on the back with an adjustable strap and its shape allows total freedom of movement.


Size Price (plus shipping)
Piccolo S1/S2 58€
Whippet S0 58€
Sizes S-M-L-XL 63€

55.0060.00 (incl. IVA)


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Product Description

All our coats are made with high quality fabrics and are made up of 2 layers: the outer one that protects them and the interior that shelters them.

Their long necks are a hallmark of our brand, they bring that elegant touch worthy of all greyhound.

galgo linea carita

Size chart for Coats

Size Loin length (A) Chest contour (B) Weight (approximate)
Piccolo S1 30-34 cm. 42-48 cm. 3-5 kg.
Piccolo S2 35-40 cm. 44-50 cm. 5-7 kg.
Whippet S0 43-48 cm. 55-65 cm. 10-14 kg.
Size S 56-61 cm. 63-69 cm. 17-20 kg.
Size M 62-67 cm. 70-75 cm. 21-24 kg.
Size L 68-75 cm. 75-85 cm. 25-35 kg.
Size XL 76-81 cm. 80-86 cm. 35-40 kg.

When you choose your size for coat or raincoat, the measure that predominates is the length of the back. In contrast, in sweatshirts and vests, the measure that commands is the contour of the chest. The weight indicated in the table serves only as a reference.

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg